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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diseases And Disorders - Personality Disorders

Diseases And Disorders - Personality Disorders

There are ten named personality disorders, each of which can range from mild to severe. Some involve a struggle with oneself; obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, for example, is often found among high achieverswho strive, often too hard, for perfection. Some disorders involve a struggle against society; antisocial personality disorder, for instance, prompts many people to commit violent acts and other crimes. Among the better-known personality disorders are narcissistic personality disorder, whose sufferers need to feel important and in control but have no regard for the feelings of others; borderline personality disorder, which mental health professionals believe is responsible for many suicides, particularly among teens; schizotypal personality disorder, which could prompt its sufferers to become delusional and unstuck from reality; and dependent personality disorder, in which a person becomes clingy, too reliant on others, and unable tomake his or her own decisions. Mental health professionals have concluded that personality disorders are responsible for a host of social ills.

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