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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Atlas Of Emergency Medicine

Atlas Of Emergency Medicine

Second Edition, Photos - 45.8 MB

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this text speaks volumes.

The Atlas of Emergency Medicine features updated and expanded coverage, stunning new color photographs and the latest clinical guidelines. It's the essential resource for fast, accurate patient diagnosis in the emergency department or acute care clinic.

Look through the pages to review the full scope and breadth of emergency practice. Oral trauma, chest and abdominal trauma, sexually transmitted diseases, rashes and lesions are only a few of the dozens of conditions available for you to examine closely and share with colleagues, residents and medical students. The ATLAS provides simply the next-best experience to going to the bedside.

Powerful visuals plus vital diagnostic and treatment information are provided for every one of the hundreds of traumas, disorders and conditions presented in the text!


- Color photographs that accurately and clearly depict the medical emergency.
- Accompanying slides, radiographs, and line drawings provide more visual clues to enhance understanding.
- Associated clinical features present additional descriptive information on the emergency.
- Differential diagnosis describes other problems that should be considered.
- ED Treatment and Disposition outlines effective plans for treatment and follow-up.
- Clinical Pearls offer valuable points to consider from experts in the field.
- Organized for quick, easy use by practitioners and students!
- Regional Anatomy: Everything from head and facial trauma to extremity conditions is covered in this first section of the text. Look here to guide your diagnosis of emergency conditions specific to each section of the body. Leading experts in the field provide both the visuals and the text for each chapter.

Special Situations:

The final four chapters of the text cover areas that deserve special attention—pediatric conditions, child abuse, environmental conditions, and microscopic findings. The section on microscopic findings covers microscopic technique and explains uses, materials and methods.

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