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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sleep AIDS (Drugs: the Straight Facts)

Sleep AIDS (Drugs: the Straight Facts)

Sleep AIDS (Drugs: the Straight Facts) (US$30)

Stationary Office | Pages: 106 | 2005-09 | ISBN: 0791082008 | 2 MB
Sleep: sometimes it seems like a huge thorn in our sides and such a waste of time. It gets in the way of our studying, socializing, and other fun activities like Internet surfing and watching late night movies. Yet, at other times, when we are dog-tired after a long day at school, sleep feels as good as a jump in the pool on a hot summer’s day. Whether we like it or not, sleep is inevitable—we all must sleep, no matter how hard or long we try to fight it. Even birds, other mammals, fish, and insects—most living things—sleep or rest in some way or another.And it’s not just a short nap we need: humans actually spend approximately one-third of our lives (8 out of every 24 hours) sleeping.


Historically, sleep has been considered a time of mere inactivity for the mind and body to rejuvenate itself. Some philosophers have even considered it a complete waste of time. However, 20th century scientific and medical research into the phenomenon of sleep has revealed that these simplistic views of sleep are not at all accurate.

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