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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How to Stop Smoking Forever

How to Stop Smoking Forever

We present this book to you to help you quit smoking forever. The first week is the roughest. If you can make it just one week, you will be on your way to be tobacco free for life. Being healthy is the main reason to stop smoking. You will DIE if you continue to smoke.

If you are thinking of quitting, do you know how to quit and control the need to smoke that cigarette? Why do you smoke? If you are still smoking, ask yourself “Am I ready to quit Smoking”? Can I quit? You must be ready to quit smoking in order to quit and stop.

There are three factors which will determine your success:
1. You must be ready to quit smoking.
2. You must have faith in yourself to realize you are able to quit.
3. You must remember, your health should be the most important aspect of your
life. Smoking inhibits life.

Many people try to quit smoking, but cannot quit for several reasons. You might have been smoking for a long time and its a “habit” to pick that cigarette up. Many people
think about quitting, talk about quitting, and even try to quit several times. You might be one of those who have tried several times to quit, but it doesn't last long and you start smoking again. Nicotine reliability will be the hardest part to adjust in the quest to stop smoking.

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