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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Consciousness - A Mathematical Treatment Of The Global Neuro

Consciousness - A Mathematical Treatment Of The Global Neuro

This book makes formal, detailed, application of what Adams has described as 'the informational turn in philosophy' to the global neuronal workspace (GNW) model of consciousness. It uses an extended statistical model of cognitive process, based on the Shannon-McMillan Theorem and its corollaries, to incorporate the effects of embedding physiological, social, and cultural contextual constraints which operate more slowly than the workspace itself, but severely limit the possible realms available to that workspace, and hence to consciousness itself. The resulting 'biopsychosociocultural' treatment directly addresses criticisms of brain-only models of consciousness which have been raised in cultural psychology and philosophy, while remaining true to the current neuroscience perspective.

This is the first formal, comprehensive, and reasonably rigorous, mathematical treatment of the GNW and is the only one to include the effects of embedding contexts in a 'natural' manner.

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