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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Encyclopedia of The Heart and Heart Disease

The Encyclopedia of The Heart and Heart Disease

Friends so far all my post are in the field on fitness and bodybuilding, now I think it is time to take a rest after intense exercises. Know a little bit about your heart. Valentine's Day is coming so keep your heart healthy.

This book contains more than 900 entries cover prescription and nonprescription drugs used for heart health, important figures in heart research, and illnesses of the heart and surrounding areas. There are articles on smoking, alcohol, physical fitness, biofeedback, nutrition, and other human activities that affect heart health. Articles on eating disorders, diabetes, AIDS, and stroke discuss the effect various conditions and illnesses have on the heart. People from Rene Laennec, inventor of the stethoscope, to Robert Jarvik, inventor of the artificial heart, are profiled.

Articles are brief, and medical terminology is either explained thoroughly or simplified to increase understanding by the lay reader. Cross-references and see also references are used liberally to direct the reader to appropriate articles. Appendixes provide a list of organizations, common abbreviations, and a series of diagrams from the publisher's Human Body on File: Physiology. The bibliography is divided into clinical texts, books for general readers, and articles. Overall, this title adds to the well-received series and stands on its own as a solid tool for consumer medical collections.

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