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Monday, March 3, 2008

Missy Hyatt: First Lady of Wrestling

Missy Hyatt: First Lady of Wrestling

From the Publisher
First came Missy. Then came Sable, Sunny, Chyna. Missy Hyatt was professional wrestling's first character--the original sexy "socialite" sidekick whose trademark Gucci purse and tough-girl attitude made her the most loved--and the most hated--woman in wrestling. Now, fifteen years after she first shimmied up to the ring, Missy Hyatt takes fans inside the world of wrestling. In this tell-all memoir, Missy discloses the behind-the-scenes secrets of table-throwing, chair-smashing, hair-pulling, and the technique of "juicing"--how wrestlers make themselves bleed on cue. Find out about her relationships with Jake the Snake, Wonder Years' Jason Hervey, Hot Stuff Eddie, and many many more.

From the Back Cover
"Missy Hyatt is going to burn in hell--and rightfully so!"
--Paul E. Dangerously (ECW owner, WWF announcer)

"Missy Hyatt is the first lady of wrestling. She knows the business inside out--literally. Now she's telling all. Forget you know me, Missy . . . and enjoy the Witness Protection Program!"
--Electra (ECW, HBO's The Sopranos)

"Missy and I and Brian Pillman were the best tag team ever . . . under a blanket!"
--Tom Z-Man (WCW)

"Missy always had more bullshit in her than a Christmas turkey. But come Christmas, I'd still rather have her on the table than the turkey."
--Terry Funk (WCW)

"Missy was a real bitch to me for the longest time! I think it may have been because she wanted me so bad and knew I was way out of her league. Anyway, as Big Stevie Cool would say, READ THE BOOK! READ THE BOOK!"
--Stevie Richards (ECW, WWF)

"Missy Hyatt is every school boy's dream, and pro wrestling's Jane Mansfield."
--Dusty Rhodes

"People credit 'Sunny' for revolutionizing the wrestling business for females. But before Sunny, Missy ruled the wrestling world. When I met my husband, Chris Candido, I tore her poster off his bedroom wall! Years later, after I met her, I realized what a wonderful person she was . . . which made it really hard to hate her. She's an inspiration to me and a role model for all of the hundreds of girls who have tried to follow in her footsteps. To tell the truth, her poster should be hanging on their walls!"
--Tammy Sytch (aka Sunny--WWF, ECW)

"I've got one word for Missy Hyatt . . . Diva!"
--Kimona Wanalaya (aka Leia Meow--ECW, WCW)

"I think I'm the only guy in wrestling who didn't sleep with Missy Hyatt."
--Kevin Nash (WWF, WCW)

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